Free People Nabs PETA Award for Fierce Collection of Vegan Fashion

Los Angeles – On the heels of skyrocketing demand for chic, cruelty-free fashion, PETA is giving the Urban Outfitters–owned brand Free People a Compassionate Business Award for its luxe vegan line that lets shoppers stay on-trend while being kind to animals and the environment. In addition to dedicating an entire section of its website to the cruelty-free designs, the beloved brand launched a “Go Vegan” campaign highlighting animal-friendly fashion, beauty products, and recipes. Standouts in Fr

Statement: SeaWorld Will Drown Unless It Empties the Tanks

Please find a statement below from PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman regarding SeaWorld’s third quarterly earnings report, released this morning: SeaWorld is fighting a losing battle to keep its orca prisons in business. Its stock hit an all-time low this past quarter, and it stopped paying dividends to its shareholders—but instead of making real changes, SeaWorld is adding meaningless cosmetic decorations to its stadiums, continuing to force orcas to jump and splash for a reward of de

INTERMIX Makes Compassionate Decision to Remove Fur From Its Coveted Collections

Beloved Boutique Learned From PETA That Animals Are Electrocuted, Bludgeoned, and Skinned Alive for Fur New York – Proving that a fashion company can be both chic and compassionate, popular retailer INTERMIX is now fur-free. The New York–based boutique—which sells sought-after styles and exclusive designer products online and in more than 40 stores across the United States and Canada—joins the other beloved brands owned by Gap Inc., including Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athleta, in choo

Tripmasters Bans Elephant Rides After PETA Appeal

Rockville Travel Agency Joins Dozens of Others in Prohibiting Cruel Attractions, Receives Elephant-Shaped Vegan Chocolates in Thanks Rockivlle, Md. – After learning from PETA that elephants who are forced to give rides at tourist attractions are often forcibly separated from their mothers, immobilized with tightly bound ropes, and gouged with nails or other sharp objects, Rockville-based travel agency Tripmasters made the compassionate and business-savvy decision to remove all elephant rides fr

Aritzia Nabs Award for Chic Vegan Fashion Collection

Beloved Boutique Helps Chic, Compassionate Shoppers Stay On Trend While Being Kind to Animals and the Environment Los Angeles – The demand for “cruelty-free chic” continues to skyrocket, as modern, stylish women grow increasingly concerned about the animal and environmental abuse involved in the leather, suede, and fur industries. Vancouver-based fashion boutique Aritzia is among those supplying compassionate trendsetters with a wide range of styles in vegan fabrics—which is why PETA is giving

Grading the Grills: PETA Ranks Best and Worst Burger Joints Nationwide

White Castle and Red Robin Earn Top Scores, While Checkers and Rally's Flunk Los Angeles – The demand for healthy and humane plant-based meals—including the ever-popular veggie burger—continues to skyrocket. Now, PETA has released letter grades for burger joints across the country, noting which spots offer delicious vegan entrées and which need to play ketchup. The results run the gamut from the “A” awarded to White Castle for its hit Veggie Sliders—served on a vegan bun with tasty Sweet Thai

Saltwater Brewery Nabs PETA Award for Wildlife-Saving Edible Six-Pack Rings

Beer Company's Invention Prevents Animals From Being Choked or Poisoned Delray Beach, Fla. – Just in time for summer’s barbecues and beach bashes, Saltwater Brewery has created the first-ever biodegradable, compostable, and edible beer six-pack rings—and PETA is recognizing the wildlife-saving invention by sending the company a Compassionate Business Award. Made with byproducts of the beer-making process, the six-pack rings won’t trap ducks, turtles, fish, and other animals or cause them to die

General Motors Wins PETA Award for Preventing Kids and Dogs From Being Left in Hot Cars

Detroit – PETA’s Innovator for Animals Award is on its way to automobile giant General Motors for the company’s revolutionary new “Rear Seat Reminder” technology that prevents children and dogs from being accidentally left in hot cars—where they can quickly die of heatstroke. The innovative feature, available on the 2017 GMC Acadia, works by monitoring rear doors and then emitting a tone and displaying a message in the dash that says, “Rear Seat Reminder / Look in Rear Seat.” PETA’s award comes

MTA Nabs Award for Halting Trains to Rescue Cats

New York – A Compassionate Business Award is on its way from PETA to the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) New York City Transit in recognition of its policy to stop trains in order to save animals on the tracks. The award follows two recent incidents in which the MTA halted the 7 train to rescue cats: One feline was whisked to safety on October 2 in the Times Square station, and the other—a kitten, now nicknamed “Seven”—was rescued on October 9 along the tracks at Fifth Avenue after commuter

Pam Anderson Gives High Ratings to NYC Retailers for Vegan-Friendly Clothing

PETA Honorary Director Awards 'A' Grades to Stella McCartney and Zara for Fur-Free Policies and Impressive Vegan Apparel Selections New York – New York City may be home to the most vegan-friendly retailers in the business. For the first time, PETA has teamed up with longtime animal advocate and fashion entrepreneur Pamela Anderson to assess the vegan-friendliness of dozens of major retailers and clothing brands, grading each one based on its selection of vegan offerings, policies on working wit

PETA Donates $10,000 Toward National Aquarium's Dolphin Seaside Sanctuary

Baltimore – As a token of support for the National Aquarium’s recent groundbreaking decision—the first by a marine park—to transfer the dolphins confined to its tanks to a seaside sanctuary, PETA has sent the organization a $10,000 donation—and is celebrating this victory for animals with the help of a costumed “dolphin”: “PETA is pleased to support the National Aquarium’s move to end the confinement of these intelligent and sensitive marine animals,” says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. “This l

PETA Statement: Credit Suisse Says SeaWorld's Stock Will Sink

PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman released the following statement in response to Credit Suisse’s downgrading SeaWorld to “Underperform” in a recent report: Credit Suisse is now telling its investors what PETA has said for decades, and that’s to steer clear of SeaWorld. The park’s move away from circus-style orca shows and tawdry orca-breeding programs will be too little too late as long as SeaWorld refuses to release these long-suffering animals to seaside sanctuaries where they’d fin

'Cows' to Tell Starbucks Drinkers: 'Decalf' Your Latte

PETA Will Launch Billboard Asking Coffee Lovers to Pick Delicious Soy or Coconut Milk and Leave Cow's Milk for the Calves A mother-daughter duo of “cows” will hoof it to Starbucks in Portland on Tuesday to pass out free coffee with soy milk and encourage people to ditch udderly cruel dairy foods and opt for cruelty-free vegan drinks. The action will kick off PETA’s nearby billboard campaign, which features a mother cow and her baby and reads, “Not Your Mom? Not Your Milk! Decalf Your Coffee! Ch