Manure Spill Prompts 'Meat Stinks' Billboard

Iowa to Get a Whiff of PETA's 'Go Vegan' Message Murray, Iowa – Following a manure spill from a pig farm near Murray on Monday, PETA is negotiating with outdoor advertisers in Iowa to display a billboard that shows a slaughtered pig’s severed head next to the words “Meat Stinks—Go Vegan.” Investigating officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources say that the manure traveled over land and via a stream for 2.5 miles before flowing into and contaminating the Thompson River. “While thi

Nude Beauties To Take Bubble Bath On Street During Annual Lake Tahoe Summit

PETA's Sudsy Supporters Will Point Out That Eating Vegan Is the Most Effective Way to Conserve Water Lake Tahoe, Nev. – What:    Nearly naked behind signs that read, “1 Steak = 50 Baths,” two PETA beauties will sit in a bathtub full of bubbles on a street corner on Wednesday, just half a mile from the 20th Annual Lake Tahoe Summit, where President Barack Obama and other political heavyweights will gather to discuss the lake’s preservation. PETA’s message? The least expensive and most effective

PETA Statement on the Renewal of 'Zoo' for a Third Season

If The Walking Dead can use animatronics and computer-generated imagery (CGI) to stun audiences with the image of a tiger and not use a real animal, so can Zoo. From CGI ants and cockroaches to a beautifully conceived CGI panther, CBS has proved that it can produce the show without using live animals. With rampant animal abuse in the industry, the network is obligated to do its part to help end it, and if it agrees to use only CGI next season, PETA staff, members, and supporters will be the firs

Rejected! DMV Bans Ad Telling Drivers How To 'Lose The Spare Tire'

Campaign Urges California Motorists to Go Vegan to Put the Brakes on Unwanted Fat and Steer Clear of Cruelty to Animals Sacramento, Calif. – A PETA ad reminding motorists that meat and dairy are driving obesity rates has been deemed not “classy” enough to be seen by visitors to California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices. The ad, available here, shows a man with his stomach hanging over his belt next to the words “Lose the Spare Tire: Go Vegan.” The ad comes as California’s obesity

Why Did ABC Reject This Cute, Nongraphic Ad With a Little Girl in a Turkey Costume?

Network Says PETA Spot With Honest Child in Her School Play Might 'Disturb' Viewers Los Angeles – In a baffling move, ABC—which airs violent, sex-heavy shows such as American Crime and Scandal—has banned PETA’s new Thanksgiving commercial, even though it contains no violent, sexual, or graphic content. Directed by famed director of music videos and commercials Dave Meyers and produced by RadicalMedia, the spot features a little girl dressed as a turkey in her school’s Thanksgiving play who swee

'Got Beer?' Bus Stop Ad Says Booze Beats Milk for Bone and Heart Health

University of Wisconsin–Madison Is Ranked Top Party School, Prompts PETA Campaign Noting Dangers of Dairy Foods Madison, Wis. – Following news that the University of Wisconsin–Madison has been ranked the nation’s top party school, PETA is negotiating with outdoor advertisers to display an ad on bus stops near the campus noting that a side-by-side comparison shows that beer, not milk, protects bone and heart health. The ad (available here) reads, “Got Beer? It’s Official: Beer Is Better for You

Utah Man Is First-Ever Out Transgender Winner of PETA's 'Sexiest Vegan Next Door' Contest

PETA's Top Honor Goes to Utah-Based Ph.D. Student Dedicated to Highlighting Link Between Oppression of Animals and Humans Salt Lake City – An impressive combination of compassion and commitment to taking action against injustice has secured 34-year-old Salt Lake City resident and transgender rights activist Dexter Thomas the top honor in PETA’s 2016 Sexiest Vegan Next Door contest. Dexter, who beat out contestants from across the U.S., will enjoy a free vacation for two to Maui, Hawaii, courtes

Exposed: Duckling's Head Torn Off, Ducks Slammed Into Brick Wall at Poultry Supplier

Middlebury, Ind. – A new PETA video exposé of Culver Duck Farms, Inc.—which is the second-largest duck slaughterer in the U.S. and claims to be a supplier to The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Asian food markets, and other grocery chains—reveals that workers slammed ducks’ heads against brick walls, the birds cried out between blows, and some kicked and flapped their wings for up to an hour afterward. One worker attempted to kill at least a dozen ducks by repeatedly wringing their necks or slammin

From Tank to Tombstone: PETA to Set Up Chilling Orca Cemetery at SeaWorld

Solemn Scene Will Call for Orcas to Be Released Into Seaside Sanctuaries to Prevent More Deaths San Antonio – What:    A ghastly graveyard of 38 headstones—one for each orca who died young on SeaWorld’s watch—will haunt the marine park’s Halloween celebration on Tuesday. Featuring signs that read, “A Nightmare on Sea World Drive” and “SeaWorld Kills: Real-Life Horror,” PETA’s protest will point out that nothing’s scarier than SeaWorld’s record of orca suffering and death. Where:    Intersectio

Video: Shocking New PSA Warns Drivers About Leaving Animals and Kids in Cars on Warm Days

Los Angeles – This summer, at least 28 children, 45 dogs, and five kittens have died after being left in cars on warm days, and now PETA has released a shocking new video public service announcement (PSA) warning drivers that it takes mere minutes for a child or an animal to die from heatstroke in a vehicle—even in moderate weather, in the shade, or with the window cracked—as the temperature inside can soar rapidly. The PSA features 10-year-old Hollywood actor Mckenna Grace trapped, suffering, a

26,000 Schools Get Free Kit To Combat Bullying and Animal Abuse

Rampant Reports of Cruelty Prompt PETA to Distribute 'Share the World' Resource, Which Teaches Children Empathy and Kindness Norfolk, Va. – Amid a national youth epidemic of bullying and abuse of fellow humans as well as animals, one of the most important lessons a teacher can give is kindness, which is why TeachKind—PETA’s humane-education division—has completely revamped its popular classroom resource, the Share the World curriculum kit, and is sending free copies to 26,000 elementary schools

Popularity of Vegan Food More Than Doubles on College Campuses

peta2's 'Vegan Report Card' Documents Huge Rise in Healthy and Humane Plant-Based Meals at Universities in Just Two Years Los Angeles – The results are in for the 2016 Vegan Report Card from peta2, PETA’s youth division, and the newly released findings—in which some 1,500 four-year colleges and universities nationwide were surveyed on the vegan-friendliness of their campus dining programs—show a skyrocketing demand for plant-based meals. The number of schools offering at least one daily vegan o

Study Shows Majority of U.S. Students Can Now Choose Non-Animal Teaching Methods

Norfolk, Va. – Sixty-three percent of students in U.S. public schools cannot be forced to participate in archaic animal dissection, according to new data from PETA published in The American Biology Teacher, an award-winning, peer-reviewed science-education journal. The first-of-its-kind study assessed the prevalence and content of policies that allow students to opt out of animal dissection across the U.S. Among the findings, state-level policies were found in 22 states as well as Washington, D

30 Women's, Children's, and Animal Organizations Call for Ban on Running of Bulls

Rapes and Cruelty to Animals Plague San Fermín as PETA U.K., Solace Women's Aid, Stand Together, NAPAC, and More Petition to End Violent, Sexist, Speciesist Festival Pamplona, Spain – In a united front against the drunken violence, growing numbers of rapes and sexual assaults, and cruelty to animals that allegedly occurred this month at the San Fermín Running of the Bulls festival, 30 women’s, children’s, and animal organizations—representing more than 5 million members and supporters—have sent

New Poll Reveals Americans Are United Against Animal Testing

Survey Shows Nationwide Support for Legislation That Would Phase Out Military Animal Labs and Other Experiments Norfolk, Va. – The nation may be divided on many things, but in a poll conducted by leading market-research firm Lincoln Park Strategies, the vast majority of American adults expressed support for legislation that would phase out controversial experiments on animals. Following growing pressure from PETA, Congress, medical groups, veterans, and The New York Times urging the Department

Tasty Tailgate: Free Vegan Food to Be Dished Up at Harvard-Yale Football Game

Boston – What:    One of Harvard’s biggest events is about to get even better: peta2, PETA’s youth division, has partnered with the university’s alumni association to veganize the Recent Grad Tailgate at the Harvard-Yale football game. The group will have a tent set up to grill and pass out 500 free delicious vegan Field Roast burgers. Where:    Soldiers Field Athletic Area, 65 N. Harvard St. (next to Jordan Field, near Soldiers Field Road), Boston “Thanks to the wide array of mouthwatering ve

Photos: Cat Rescue From Harlem Tree Nets Award For FDNY And Animal Control

After Spending 48 Hours in the Sweltering Heat, Cat Is Reunited With Relieved Family New York – A Compassionate Action Award and a Compassionate Fire Department Award are on their way from PETA to Animal Care Centers of NYC’s Field Operations Division and FDNY Engine 80, Ladder 23, respectively, which sprang into action on Saturday to help a cat who was stuck in a tree in Riverside Park. Harlem resident Josephine Craig had been walking her cat, Stew, on a leash when he broke free and ran up a

'Bloody' Protesters in Steel-Jaw Traps to Crash Canada Goose's Soho Opening

PETA Members Will Take Action for Trapped Coyotes, Plucked Geese New York – What:    Wearing “bloody” jackets with their limbs “stuck” in steel-jaw traps and holding graphic posters of dead coyotes that read, “Here’s the Rest of Your Canada Goose Coat,” a group of more than 30 PETA supporters will descend on the opening of Canada Goose’s Soho store on Thursday to protest the company’s cruelly produced coats made with coyote fur and down. The action follows PETA’s Facebook video—which has more t

The Mobile Zoo's License Is Pulled After Decades of Animal Neglect

After Numerous PETA Complaints, USDA Prohibit Notorious Roadside Zoo From Displaying Animals Ever Again Wilmber, Ala. – Following years of complaints from PETA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has revoked the exhibitor license of The Mobile Zoo in Wilmer. As a result, neither the facility nor its operator can ever again legally exhibit warm-blooded animals—the only ones covered under the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA). PETA—whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to u

Helicopter Rescue of Horse From Ravine Nets PETA Award for First Responders

Animal Who Fell 150 Feet From Angeles National Forest Cliff Is Airlifted to Safety Los Angeles – For their heroic rescue of a horse who fell 150 feet from a cliff into a ravine at Angeles National Forest, the Los Angeles County Fire Department and the Los Angeles City Fire Department Air Operations Unit will each receive a Compassionate Fire Department Award from PETA. First responders rushed to the scene near the San Fernando Valley and determined that a hoist operation was necessary. Crews re
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