Master's in Public Policy - Thesis: Manipulating Economic Incentives to Improve Farm Animal Welfare Standards

There is currently no federal legislation in the United States protecting the welfare of farm animals, leaving them subject to crowding in filthy conditions, painful procedures performed without anesthesia, disease and premature death. In contrast, the legal protection given to farm animals is much stronger in Europe and the United Kingdom, where many practices still common in the US have been banned.

Westgate Church Grant Application for Defy Ventures - Secured $125K

Those striving to live a life of Christ often explore the heroic stories of disciples such as Paul, Moses, Joseph, Samson, David, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, and Peter. But have we ever considered the rap sheets of our biblical heroes? Consider the résumé of The Apostle Paul: upper-echelon church official, scholar, theologian…and murderer of Christians. Paul referred to himself as the “vilest offender”. Yet God hand-picked this reformed murderer to write the bulk of the New Testament, turning him from a path of destruction to renewed life.

Google Grant Application for Defy Ventures - Secured $500K

Google’s $300,000 Lead Funder investment will equip Defy to formally establish a Bay Area presence. Google’s leadership will cause other philanthropists, companies, executives, and investors to follow suit, and Defy will be well-resourced to provide life-transforming opportunities, targeting the nearly one-in-four adults in California with criminal histories. Defy’s groundbreaking results in the Bay Area will inspire other regions nationally to create transformational opportunities in their communities for this underserved demographic.